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Did You Know?

Renewable energy sources provide an opportunity for developing countries and countries with economies in transition to embrace a low carbon pathway powered by innovative, smart and locally relevant energy solutions. In this context, UNIDO’s renewable energy-related activities include the promotion of renewable sources of energy, and the facilitation of productive activities in rural areas and in industrial processes. To enhance productive activities and increase competitiveness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in rural on/off-grid areas, UNIDO’s renewable energy strategy promotes the following forms of renewable energy: bio-energy; small hydro-power; solar energy and wind energy.

Who are the active players in this field?

UNIDO is closely collaborating with the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, which are responsible for scaling up The Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) by providing technical assistance and easier access to finance for project developers. UNIDO also works with research institutions and the public and private sector.

How is Renewable Energy actually approached?

UNIDO’s Renewable Energy Strategy aims at helping developing countries and countries in transition to mainstream the use of renewable energy in industrial applications; create business development opportunities through increasing access to energy; and support innovative business models promoting renewable energy as a business sector, thereby increasing the viability of enterprises by augmenting the use of locally available renewable energy sources.